Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy (MAMA) is a highly respected, state-of-the-art vocational training center established for individuals who seek to enter the exciting maritime profession, as well as mariners seeking to advance their careers. MAMA offers 90+ USCG approved deck courses and engineering courses along with tailored courses. We are dedicated to providing outstanding training to civilian and military mariners from around the globe. Our expert staff of highly regarded, seasoned instructors provide a combination of unequaled teaching techniques with cutting-edge technology such as “hands-on” equipment systems maintenance and interactive simulations.

Contract Overview

SeaPort-e is the Navy’s electronic platform for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including Engineering, Financial Management and Program Management.

Contract Number: N0017816-D-8886

Contract Period of Performance: 30June2016–04April2019
Available Order Types: Supplies/Services

Contract Manager Edward Nanartowich
(757) 703-2196 Extension 320

Supported Zones

Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy supports:

No: ZONE 1 Northeast
No: ZONE 2 National Capital
Yes: ZONE 3 Mid-Atlantic
No: ZONE 4 Gulf Coast
No: ZONE 5 Midwest
No: ZONE 6 Southwest
No: ZONE 7 Northwest

SeaPort-e Home Portal

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Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy

Web Address: www.mamatrains.com
We are a small business size providing services at our academy and offsite.
In Calendar Year 2015, MAMA provided over 6,000 courses for maritime credentialing to over 2500 students. We provided over $1M in support to MSC and nearly $2M in commercial training of merchant marines. We supported “fly away” task assignments in Guam, Abu Dubai, Hawaii, and Croatia. In the past eight (8) years, MAMA has provided training and related services to NAVSEA, the Military Sealift Command, the Navy Surface Warfare Command, the US Special Operations Command, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Coast Guard, other maritime academies, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and numerous U.S. Navy ships and aircraft carriers including the USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Gerald Ford. We have provided training, in-service engineering support, and various aspects of shore and afloat program support. Our Past Performance section describes three recent contracts supported by MAMA in Norfolk, Northern Virginia, and San Diego, CA which illustrate MAMA’s capability to effectively support SeaPort-e tasking.

Functional Areas Supported:

Company Names are:
Functional Areas Military Sealift Army Corps of Engineers NOAA
 3.5  System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support  X  X  X
 3.11  Quality Assurance (QA) Support  X  X  X
 3.18  Training Support  X  X  X
 3.18.1  Technical Training Support  X  X  X
 3.18.1  Professional Development and Training Support  X  X  X
 3.20  Program Support  X  X  X

Contract Manager:

Edward Nanartowich
(757) 703-2196 Extension 320

Government Contract Administrator:

Edward Nanartowich
5301 Robin Hood Road, Suite 100
Norfolk, Virginia 23513
(757) 703 2196 x320

Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy QA for all projects and task orders is achieved as part of the overall Quality Control through management practices and procedures. Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy structures its QA approach through the Quality Management System (QMS) in place and certified through Det Norske Veritas. Each task order has a Task Order point of contact/leader. The technical team put together under the leader captures the staff expertise required for the task. Our Task Leaders embrace QMS and QA standards from several perspectives. First, the leadership component is well understood and the understanding that the leader as well as the personnel within the team are level contributors to task execution. Each person serves as a critical element in positive representation of Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy. Each individual is responsible for the quality of training delivered as part of the task order. This is done through teamwork and ownership of the process of developing and delivering the curriculum.

High Quality Deliverables

Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy Quality Assurance (QA) plan includes formal procedures for Task Order performance and/or milestone reviews. A pre-delivery meeting covers the methodology, and range and depth of deliverables. The task order leader chairs these effort to ensure the customer is served in a superb manner. The SeaPort-e Program Manager figures into this execution plan at every level prior to launching the deliverable. Follow up “lessons learned”, if not previously incorporated, are considered for applicability in the execution of the task. The informal aspect also includes peer reviews of efforts and the concept of team ownership and responsibility for the curriculum. Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy also makes it a standard practice to keep the customer involved in the actual course development tempo for the training days.

Management Review

All performance reviews will be required in the Statement of Work. These reviews will be linked to the lifecycle of the task if the training is of considerable duration. At least one QA review will be required for any Task Order and any and all Quality Assurance reviews will include at a minimum the Task Order Leader. Delivery will not be made until each deliverable has been reviewed for applicability and modifications are incorporated. The department head, whether part of the team nucleus or not, shall make this peer review.

Corrective and Preventive Measures

Project success is dependent upon the accurate incorporation of applicable training elements within the developed curriculum. The accurate generation of curriculum by the Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy staff is accomplished by subject matter expertise in leadership roles for a particular course, and through requirements definition, and performance reviews. The need for corrective measures is clarified through critiques, and is put into place through a well-developed modification process as defined by our QMS.