2745 | Advanced Shipfitter


Course Number: 2745
Course Length: 80 Hours
Minimum Class Size: 2
Maximum Class Size: 4
Price: $3,600.00


Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy is offering an advanced shipfitter course to:

  • Mariners wishing to broaden their knowledge base
  • Shipyard and ship repair personnel seeking advancement.

The Advanced Shipfitter course builds upon the knowledge gained in the Basic Shipfitter course and includes:

A review of: general safety, measuring instruments including machinist scales, rules, inside, outside and depth micrometers, micrometers and calipers. Proper use of hand and handheld power tools. Hand and power tool safety. Material handling equipment; chainfalls, come-along’s, slings, straps, shackles, basic rigging, fall protection, fall protection, personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety.

Practical skill assessments:

1 – Using the provided engineering drawing fabricate a structural foundation as specified.

  • A – Frame will be required to meet all specifications for corner angles, flatness and dimensions.
  • B – All welds on the top surface will be ground flush.
  • C – Mill a total of six mounting pads.
  • D – Install in the locations specified by the drawing

2 – The student will be directed to cope the foundation to irregular mounting surface so that it is parallel to the reference (or baseline).

3 – Student will use the gas torch to trim the foundation to the scribe marks.

4 – Student will dress all surfaces to remove any slag or weld splatter.

5 – Student will fabricate the matching equipment frame following all drawing specifications.

6 – Install the equipment frame to the foundation

Criteria for passing is a dimensionally accurate foundation that has 90 degree corners, 100% Flat mounting surface and is coped to sit parallel to the reference (or baseline). It is constructed exactly as the reference drawing specifies. The equipment frame lands squarely on all pads and any gaps are less than 0.0932”

Upcoming Course Dates:
Call 757-464-6008 to schedule class

Class Starts at:  8:00 a.m.

Check-in Time Starts at:  7:00 a.m.