Price: $3,600
Course Number: 2744
Course Length: 120 hours, In-Person
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Minimum Class Size: 2
Maximum Class Size: 4

Please bring picture ID on first day of class

Course Description

A traditional machinist is one who can: operate a machine tool; disassemble and repair the machine tool by building new parts such as gears, splines, and shafts from scratch using various machine tools such as mills, lathes, grinders, planers, etc.; then reassemble the machine tool and operate it.

Students attending the Basic Machinist course will be required to wear steel toed work shoes or boots, long sleeve shirts and pants of either FR material or Organic Fiber (cotton or similar) no synthetic materials allowed and have safety glasses. All other PPE will be provided. 

The Basic Machinist course will cover the following:

  1. General Safety
  2. The proper use of measuring instruments including machinist scales, rules, inside, outside and depth micrometers, how to read
    and interpret micrometers and calipers.
  3. The proper selection and use of hand tools and hand-held power tools. Hand tool and power tool safety.
  4. Basic Mill, Drill Press and Lathe operation. The proper use and selection of cutting tools and basic metallurgy.
  5. Basic blueprint reading and interpreting.

Practical skill assessments:

  1. Valve Maintenance, Open, inspect and perform basic maintenance of the valve  seats and stems of gate valve, globe valve, ball valve and butterfly valve.
  2. Hydraulic pump disassembly, inspection and reassembly.
  3. Small  engine overhaul including disassembly to the block. Take precise measurements for:
    a.  Head and block for linearity.
    b. Piston and liner wear measurements.
    c.  Crankpin and main bearing wear measurements.
    d.  Reassemble and verify correct timing.
  4. Using the lathe, fabricate to the specified tolerance, a bound bolt using the instructor provided drawing. Bolt shall be 3” 9/16” – 12UNC with a 2” shaft .625” -0.000” / +0.001” tolerance. Fabricate a 9/16” – 12UNC nut for the bound bolt.
  5. Using the Drill Press, correctly drill the 9/16” – 12UNC nut to accept safety wire.
  6.  Using the lathe, fabricate a replacement pump shaft using the supplied sample.
  7.  Using the Milling Machine, cut two keyways as per the sample shaft in the new shaft.

03/14/2022 – 04/01/2022
06/20/2022 – 07/08/2022
10/24/2022 – 11/11/2022

Check-In Time Starts at: 7:00 a.m.
Class Starts at: 8:00 a.m.

Why Come to Norfolk, VA

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