2732 | Refrigeration (MIDATL-426)


Course Number:  2732
Min:  2
Max: 8
Course Length:  80 Hours
Cost:  $2,000.00

Any applicant who has successfully completed the Refrigeration (MIDATL-426) course and presents their Certificate of Training WITHIN ONE YEAR OF THE COMPLETION OF TRAINING, will satisfy the written examination requirements of 46 CFR 12.505(a) for the Refrigerating Engineer portion of the combined QMED – Electrician/Refrigerating Engineer endorsement of 46 CFR 12.501(b)(1)(iv) PROVIDED applicant currently holds a QMED-Electrician rating or has completed an approved QMED – Electrician course within one year of this application.

This course objectives are in compliance with the requirements of 46 CFR 12.501(c)(5), required for a QMED Electrician/Refrigerating endorsement. This training satisfies the requirements of Table 1 to 46 CFR 12.505(c) for Electrician/Refrigerating Engineer REFRIGERATION examination module. The course includes a hands-on practical and a classroom lecture portion for theory and familiarization.

02/01/2021 – 02/12/2021
03/29/2021 – 04/09/2021
05/24/2021 – 06/04/2021
07/19/2021 – 07/30/2021
09/13/2021 – 09/24/2021
11/08/2021 – 11/19/2021

Class Starts at:   8:00 a.m.

Check-in Time Starts at:   7:00 a.m.

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