2710 | Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) 1000-4000 Horsepower


Any Applicant who successfully completes the Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) 1000/4000 Horsepower (MIDATL-156) course within 1 year of application will satisfy the professional examination requirements of 46 CFR 11.903(a)(34) for national officer endorsement as Designated Duty Engineer Less Than 4,000 HP Motor.

The first training module familiarizes individuals with qualifying sea service with the workboat and towing vessel engine room environment and the ability to safely monitor such spaces while conducting machinery space rounds. This course is in compliance with table 10.950 of 46 CFR for DDE. The course includes a hands-on practical and a classroom lecture portion for theory and familiarization. The course outline is based upon The Guidelines for Approving Marine Engineering Courses.

Major topic areas are as follows:
• Diesel propulsion plants and machinery
• Safety & Fire fighting
• Towing and offshore supply industry and vessel familiarization, as well as the duties of the designated duty engineer
• Machinery space rounds
• First Aid
• Ship Construction
• Sketching & Blueprint Reading
• Basic Auxiliary Machinery
• Basic Main Propulsion-Diesels
• Diesel propulsion plants and machinery operating procedures
• Marine Hydraulics
• Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
• Mathematics

** Designated Duty Engineer: means a qualified engineer, who may be the sole engineer on vessels with a periodically unattended engine room.

Course Number: 2710
Course Length: 160 hours
Minimum Class Size: 2
Maximum Class Size: 12
Price: $4,000.00

Please bring picture ID on first day of class

05/10/2021 – 06/04/2021
07/12/2021 – 08/06/2021
09/13/2021 – 10/08/2021
11/15/2021 – 12/10/2021