2709 | Engineroom Resource Management

Course Number : 2709
Course Length : 40 hours, In-Person
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Minimum Class Size :   2
Maximum Class Size : 24
Price: $1,000.00
Please bring picture ID on first day of class

Engine Room Management Course

Any applicant who successfully completed the Engine Room Resource Management (MIDATL-187) course will satisfy:

  • The Engine Room Resource Management training requirements of 46 CFR 11.325(a)(3)(i) and (b)(1); 46 CFR 11.327(a)(3)(i) and (b)(1); 46 CFR 329(a)(4)(iv); 46 CFR 11.331(a)(3)(i) and (b)(1); and 46 CFR 11.333(a)(3)(i) and (b)(1); AND
  • The Leadership and Teamworking Skills standards of competence required by 46 CFR 11.329(c); AND
  • Specific Tasks from NVIC 17-14 (CH-4), Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch Tasks 1.1.F, 1.4, 3.1.A, 15.1.A, 16.1.A, 16.2.A, 16.3.A and 16.4.A.

Applicants who have successfully completed this course need not present completed “Task Control Sheets” for these assessments in application for STCW certification.

The objective of this course is to instruct the student in the areas relevant to Engine Room Resource Management and Leadership and Team Working Skills. The course satisfies several competencies specified in the Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping as amended, Table A–III/1, for knowledge and skills to operate, supervise and monitor the safe operation and control of a ship’s engine room.

Function:  Marine engineering at the operational level
Competence:  Maintaining a safe engineering watch:

Knowledge, understanding and proficiency:

  • Thorough knowledge of Principles to be observed in keeping an engineering watch, including:
    1. duties associated with taking over and accepting a watch
    2. routine duties undertaken during a watch
    3. maintenance of the machinery space logs and the significance of the readings taken
    4. duties associated with handing over a watch
  • Safety and emergency procedures; change-over of remote/automatic to local control of all systems
  • Safety precautions to be observed during a watch and immediate actions to be taken in the event of fire or accident, with particular reference to oil systems

Engine-room resource management:

Knowledge of engine-room resource management principles, including:

  • Allocation, assignment, and prioritization of resource
  • Effective communication
  • Assertiveness and leadership
  • Obtaining and maintaining situational awareness
  • Consideration of team experience

Competence:  Use English in written and oral form
Knowledge, understanding and proficiency: Adequate knowledge of the English language to enable the officer to use engineering publications and to perform engineering duties

Competence:  Use internal communication systems

  • Operation of all internal communication systems on board

Competence:  Application of leadership and teamworking skills

Knowledge, understanding and proficiency:

  • Working knowledge of shipboard personnel management training
  • A knowledge of related international maritime conventions and recommendations, and national legislation
  • Ability to apply task and workload management including:

          1.  planning and coordination
          2.  personnel assignment
          3.  time and resource constraints
          4.  prioritization

  • Knowledge and ability to apply effective resource management:
      1. allocation, assignment, and prioritization of resources
      2. effective communication on board and ashore
      3. decisions reflect consideration of team experiences
      4. assertiveness and leadership, including motivation
      5. obtaining and maintaining situational awareness
  • Knowledge and ability to apply decision-making techniques:
      1. situation and risk assessment
      2. identify and consider generated options
      3. selecting course of action
      4. evaluation of outcome effectiveness

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