1786 | Advanced Navigation


Price: $1,100
Course Number: 1786
Course Length: 40 hours, In-Person
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Minimum Class Size: 2
Maximum Class Size: 12

Please bring picture ID on first day of class

Course Description

Required Course Tools:

1. Weems and Plath Triangle #101 (2 Triangles are required): $15.00
2. Weems and Plath 15: $20.00
3. Weems and Plath Ultralight Divider/Compass #176: $23.00
4. Texas Instruments TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator: $16.00

Any applicant who successfully completes the Advanced Navigation (Management Level) MIDATL-19 course will satisfy the following specific tasks from the national assessment guidelines found in NVIC 10-14 (Ch-1) and NVIC 11-14 (Ch-1): 1.1.A, 1.2.A, 1.2.B, 1.2.C, 2.2.A, 3.2.A and  3.3.A.

Applicants who successfully complete this Advanced Navigation course need not present a completed “Record of Assessment” for these tasks in application for STCW certification.

This syllabus covers several requirements of the STCW Convention, Chapter II, Section A-II/2, as amended.  Functional element “1” provides detailed knowledge to support the training outcomes related to navigation at the management level.  Students will gain knowledge of:

Navigation at the management level

1.  Determine and allow for compass errors

  • Ability to determine and allow for errors of the magnetic and gyro-compass
  • Knowledge of the principles of magnetic and gyro compasses
  • An understanding of systems under the control of the master gyro-compass and a knowledge of the operation and care of the main types of gyro-compass.

2.  Determine position and accuracy of resultant position fix by any means

  • Position determination in all conditions
    • Terrestrial
    • Celestial
    • Modern electronic navigational aids (e.g., satellite navigation)

3.  Oceanographic conditions

  • Ocean current systems
    • Surface water circulation of the oceans
    • Principles of voyage planning with respect to weather conditions and wave height
    • Formation of sea waves and sell waves

4.  Plan a voyage and conduct navigation

  • Voyage planning and navigation for all conditions by acceptable methods of plotting ocean tracks, taking into account, e.g.:
    • restricted waters
    • meteorological conditions
    • ice
    • restricted visibility
    • traffic separation schemes
    • vessel traffic service (VTS) areas
    • areas of extensive tidal effects
  • Navigation and monitoring of voyage
  • Logbooks and voyage records
  • Routing in accordance with the general provisions on ships’ routing
  • Reporting in accordance with the general principles for ship reporting systems and with VTS procedures.

Recommended Study Material:

Nathaniel Bowditch, National Imagery and Mapping Agency Staff, National Imagery and Mapping Agency Format: Hardcover (Illustrated)

01/24/2022 – 01/28/2022
04/18/2022 – 04/22/2022
07/18/2022 – 07/22/2022
10/17/2022 – 10/21/2022

Check-in Time Starts at:   7:00 a.m.
Class Starts at:   8:00 a.m.

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