1775 | Towing Officer Assessment


Price: $1000
Course Number: 1775
Course Length: 16 hours, In-Person
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Minimum Class Size: 1
Maximum Class Size:

Please bring picture ID on first day of class

Students must be proficient with Wartsila simulators.  If necessary, a student can schedule a date prior to the assessments to become familiar with the Wartsila Full Bridge Simulator used for the assessments.  Familiarization of the simulator bridge equipment is key to passing the assessments.  Practice time can be scheduled by contacting MAMA Admin Office for arrangements and pricing.  

Course Description

Any applicant completing our Towing Officer Assessment (MIDATL-804) course and presenting his or her Towing Officer Assessment Record within one year of completion of the assessments, will satisfy:

  • The practical assessment requirements of 46 CFR 10.227(e)(1)(iii) for renewal of an endorsement as master or mate (pilot) of towing vessels; AND the following Towing Officer Assessments from Enclosure (2) of NVIC 03-16 (Ch-1) for endorsement as master or mate (pilot) of towing vessels for all modes of towing for Near Coastal/Oceans waters:
  • CE-D.1
  • CE-D.2
  • CE-D.3
  • CE-D.4
  • CE-D.5
  • CE-D.6
  • CE-D.7
  • CE-D.8
  • NCO-D.9
  • NCO-D.10
  • NCO-D.11
  • NCO-D.12
  • NCO-D.13
  • NCO-D.14
  • NCO-D.15
  • NCO-D.16

This Practical Demonstration of competence is primarily for Masters of Towing Vessels whose Masters of Towing Endorsements is up for renewal or has expired. This Program may also be used to be signed off on the Maneuvering tasks within the Towing Officer Assessment Record, for those individuals who do not have the opportunity to prove competence in those areas aboard a vessel. These practical demonstrations of competence are done with the latest in simulation technology in front of an experienced Designated Examiner. This program has been USCG approved to satisfy the practical demonstration requirements of 46 CFR 10.227(d)(8)(vi)(A) for renewal of an endorsement of Master or Mate (Pilots) of Towing Vessels.

Required Course Tools:

No tools required for this course


Call (757) 464-6008 for class availability

Check-in Time Starts at: 7:00 a.m.
Class Starts at: 8:00 a.m.

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