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Over 90+ courses

MAMA offers over 90+ USCG approved deck courses and engine room courses.


MAP Program

MAP assists Mariners obtain their Merchant Marine Credentials. Learn more.

Military Benefits

MAMA accepts any GI Bill! To apply for benefits, please visit this page for more info.

Affordable Courses

The courses we offer are inexpensive and affordable. See pricing on course pages.

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If you have any questions, call us at (757) 464-6008 from Mon-Fri 7AM-4PM Eastern.

Military Benefits:

If you are an active duty member of the military, retired, a dependent or spouse of a military member and need to apply for educational benefits, please visit the website link below and follow instructions. This should be done prior to enrolling in classes here at MID-ATLANTIC MARITIME ACADEMY. Remember, you only have to apply one time to the VA.

When you have completed all of the questions, you will be asked to print a copy of the Certified Application VA Form 22-1990.

Print 2 copies:

  • One is for your records and
  • One is for the School. Please give a copy of your application to our Admin Office so that it can be filed in your student folder. On the printed application, please make sure you have the following items correct: Pages 1 thru 8 – Name, Social Security Number, Confirmation Number, and Submission Date,


Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy is a highly respected, state-of-the-art maritime training center. Above all, we established our courses for people seeking to enter the exciting maritime profession. Similarly, we teach mariners seeking to advance their careers too. MAMA offers over 90 USCG approved engineering and deck courses. We also offer custom-tailored courses. We provide outstanding training to civilian and military mariners from around the globe.

Our expert staff of instructors use real-world teaching techniques with cutting edge technology. Our “hands-on” equipment systems maintenance and interactive simulations are state-of-the-art. Also, our courses are inexpensive. Check out our pricing on each course page.

Finally, we are also located in a resort area with so much to do while you are here. You may want to stay an extra day or two and take in the sights.



In 2007 Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy (MAMA) bought the assets of Tidewater School of Navigation and began operations in June 1, of 2007. Capt. Jim Miller was instrumental in the start-up of the MAMA enterprise at that time, along with others. In October of 2008, The Maritime University, (TMU) was formed as the Engineering branch of MAMA. January 2011, both MAMA and TMU became MAMA/TMU LLC as a single entity known to all as Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy or MAMA.