Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy ENGINE ROOM COURSES

Phone: 757-464-6008 | Business Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Eastern

NOTE:  For New Students:  Registration fee of $100 is non-refundable if student cancels class.  If student attends class the $100 will be applied towards cost of class.

CLASS ATTENDANCE ON HOLIDAYS When a holiday falls during a scheduled MAMA class, students are required to attend class on the holiday. Any student not attending during the holiday will be marked as absent and risks not earning a certificate.



If you print our 2021 course schedule off the web, and look at it a month or so later, please keep in mind that the schedule changes frequently.  Therefore, we recommend that you look at the individual web page for the engine room courses you are interested in to find the current dates or call our Admin office at (757) 464-6008.

Advanced Shipfitter $3,600.00 Course 2745
Basic Machinist $3,600.00 Course 2744
Basic Shipfitter $3,000.00 Course 2743
Basic Welding I $3,300.00 Course 1538
Basic Welding II $1950 per Week or $390 per Day per student Course 1539
Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) Unlimited Horsepower $4,000.00 Course 2711
Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) 1000-4000 Horsepower $4,000.00 Course 2710
Diesel Crossover (Endorsement) $4,000.00 Course 2739
Electrical Motor Controller Lab $1050.00  Course 2632A
Electrical Motor Controller Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Course $2,100.00 Course 2632
Engineering Assessments $350.00 per Day – Item number 1300
Engineering Career Advancement Program Course (ECAP)
Engineering Familiarization (Deckeneer) $1,000.00 Course 2700
Engineering Self Study $50.00 Course 2000
Engine Room Resource Management $1,000.00 Course 2709
EPA 608 Certification. Type I Technician $250.00 Course 2726
EPA 608 Certification. Type II Technician $250.00 Course 2727
EPA 608 Certification. Type III Technician $250.00 Course 2728
EPA 608 Certification—Universal $250.00 Course 2725
Fiber Optics $1,600.00 Course 2735
Gas Cutting Assessment $250.00 per day Course 2742
High Voltage Safety $1800.00 Course 2734
Introduction to Welding $500.00 Course 1541
Leadership and Managerial Skills $1000.00 Course 1777
Leadership & Team Working Skills (MIDATL-768) $300.00 Course 2721
Machine Shop Assessments $250.00 per day Course 2740
Management of Electrical & Electronic Control Equipment $1,200.00 Course 2730
(NATE) Testing—Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) $200.00 Course 3000
Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch (OICEW) Diesel Engine $3,100.00  Course 2729
OICEW Auxiliary Machinery $3,000.00 Course 2733
OICEW Electrical Machinery and Basic Electronics. (MIDATL—861) $3,900.00 Course 2731
OICEW Engineering Terminology and Shipboard Operations Course  Course 2999
OICEW Gas Turbine Crossover $4,000.00 Course 2738
OICEW Instrumentation (CONTROLS) (MIDATL-230) $4,000.00 Course 2736
Operating Principles of Marine Propulsion Plants. (MIDATL—337) $1,400.00  Course 1782
Qualified Member of the Engine Department (QMED)-Electrician $3900.00 Course 2703
Qualified Member of the Engineering Department (QMED) Electrician/Refrigerating Engineer $5,500.00 Course 2705
Qualified Member of the Engineering Department (QMED) Oiler-Fireman/Watertender $3900.00 Course 2702
Qualified Member of the Engineering Dept. (QMED) Oiler $3,000.00 Course 2718
Qualified Member of the Engineering Dept. (QMED) Pumpman/Machinist $5,500.00 Course 2737
Refrigeration (MIDATL—426) $2,000.00 Course 2732
Welding Assessments $250.00 Per Day Course 2741