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NOTE:  For New Students:  Registration fee of $100 is non-refundable if student cancels class.  If student attends class the $100 will be applied towards cost of class.

CLASS ATTENDANCE ON HOLIDAYS When a holiday falls during a scheduled MAMA class, students are required to attend class on the holiday. Any student not attending during the holiday will be marked as absent and risks not earning a certificate.

Over 90+ courses

MAMA offers over 90+ USCG approved deck courses and engine room courses.

Military Benefits

MAMA accepts any GI Bill! To apply for benefits, please visit this page for more info.

Affordable Courses

The courses we offer are inexpensive and affordable. See pricing on course pages.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, call us at (757) 464-6008 from Mon-Fri 7AM-4PM Eastern.



If you print our 2021 course schedule off the web, and look at it a month or so later, please keep in mind that the schedule changes frequently.  Therefore we recommend that you look at the individual web page for the deck courses you are interested in to find the current dates or call our Admin office at (757) 464-6008.


8–Hour Self Study Preparation of Materials $100.00 Course 1200
Able Bodied Seaman $1000.00 Course 1765  
Advanced Cargo Handling Stowage Management Level $2,000.00 Course 1781
Advanced Fire Fighting $750.00 Course 1736
Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher $500.00 Course 1737
Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation $370.00 Course 1807
Advanced Meteorology $950.00 Course 1788 
Advanced Navigation $1,100.00 Course 1786
Advanced Shiphandling $3,750.00 Course 1785  
Advanced Stability $1,100.00 Course 1789 
Advanced Watchkeeping (Management Level) $1,500.00 Course 1787
Apprentice Mate (Steersman) Upgrade $625.00 Course 1755
Apprentice Mate Steersman Western Rivers $400.00 Course 1749
Assistance Towing $200 Course 1766
Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA) $900.00 Course 1703
Auxiliary Sail $200.00 Course 1767 
Basic Fire Fighting $500.00 Course 1735
Basic Shiphandling and Steering Control Systems $2,200.00 Course 1784
Basic Training (formerly known as BST) $1,075.00 Course 1799
Basic Training Refresher (formerly known as BST Refresher) $750.00 Course 1734
Basic Training Revalidation $500.00 Course 1798
Bridge Resource Management $900.00 Course 1745  
Cargo Handling and Stowage (Operational Level) $1000.00 Course 1717
Celestial Navigation/Oceans Navigation (500/1600 GRT) $2,250.00 Course 1792
Celestial Navigation (Operational Level) $2,700.00 Course 1705
Company Security Officer $600.00 Course 1751 
Crisis Management and Human Behavior $250.00 Course 1794
Crowd Management $250.00 Course 1793
Cybersecurity (Basic Maritime)  $275.00 Course 1504
Deck Familiarization $800.00 Course 1100
Deck Self Study $50.00 per day Course 1200
Electronic Charting Display and Information Systems: Transas Software $1,275.00 Course 1780
Emergency Procedures (Operational Level) $650.00 Course 1718
Facility Security Officer $600.00 Course 1752
FCC Exam Element 1 Marine Radio Operator $175.00 Course 1601
FCC Exam Element 3 General Radio Operator License $175.00 Course 1603
FCC Exam Element 6 First or Second Class Telegraph Operator $175.00 Course 1606
FCC Exam Element 7 GMDSS Operator (prerequisite Element 1) $175.00 Course 1607
FCC Exam Element 8 Ship Radar Endorsement $175.00 Course 1608
FCC Exam Element 9 GMDSS Maintainer (prerequisite Elements 1,3, & 7) $175.00 Course 1609
First Aid & CPR $175.00 Course 1707
Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) $1,600.00 Course 1770
Leadership and Managerial Skills $1000.00 Course 1777
Leadership and Teamworking Skills (MIDATL—768) $300.00 Course 2721
License Renewal (Not more than 100 Gross Registered Tons) $200.00 Course 1756
Marine Safety Instructor $1,000.00 Course 1795
Maritime Security Awareness $200.00  Course 1743
Marlinespike Seamanship $200.00 Course 1759 
Master Upgrade 100 GRT to Master 200 GRT (Near Coastal) $600.00 Course 1763
Master 100 Tons/Mate 200 Tons $1,500.00 Course 1760
Medical Care Person in Charge $1,750.00 Course 1741
Medical Care Provider $950.00 Course 1740
Meteorology (Operational Level) $1000.00 Course 1708
MSC Security Watchstander—Advanced Course $175.00 Course 1502
Operating Principles of Marine Propulsion Plants $1,400.00 Course 1782
Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) $1,100.00 Course 1761
OUPV Upgrade to Master 100 GRT $600.00 Course 1762
Personal Safety and Social Responsibility $100.00 Course 1710
Personal Survival Techniques $300.00 Course 1711
Proficiency in Survival Craft (MIDATL—372) $800.00 Course 1768
Proficiency in Survival Craft Refresher $550.00 Course 1733 
Qualified Assessor $750.00 Course 1797
Radar Observer (Unlimited) $1000.00 Course 1700 
Radar Observer Inland $750.00 Course 1701
Radar Observer Recertification aka Renewal $250.00 Course 1702
Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch (Assessments only) $550.00 Course 1754
Rules of the Road $600.00 Course 1709
Search and Rescue (Management Level) $600.00 Course 1778
Search and Rescue (Operational Level) $600.00 Course 1719
Ship Construction and Basic Stability $1100.00 Course 1714
Ship Management $1,500.00 Course 1783
Simulator Instructor Training $1,500.00 Course 1796
Small Arms Training Course $1,250.00 Course 1501

Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids (Tankerman PIC Barge) $1000.00 Course 1720
Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids Refresher $500.00 Course 1722
Tank Barge Fire Fighting $500.00 Course 1730  
Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids Refresher $500.00 Course 1723
Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids $1000.00 Course 1721
Tank Ship Familiarization (Dangerous Liquids) $800.00 Course 1724
Terrestrial & Coastal Navigation $2,650.00 Course 1706
Towing Officer Assessment $700.00 Course 1775
Train the Trainer $1,000.00 Course 1790
Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (VPDSD) $300 Course 1744
Vessel Security Officer $500.00 Course 1750
Visual Communications (aka Flashing Light) $150.00 Course 1704
Watchkeeping (Operational Level) $2,700.00 Course 1716


Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy is a highly respected, state-of-the-art maritime training center. Above all, we established our courses for people seeking to enter the exciting maritime profession. Similarly, we teach mariners seeking to advance their careers too. MAMA offers over 90 USCG approved engineering and deck courses. We also offer custom-tailored courses. We provide outstanding training to civilian and military mariners from around the globe.

Our expert staff of instructors use real-world teaching techniques with cutting edge technology. Our “hands-on” equipment systems maintenance and interactive simulations are state-of-the-art. Also, our courses are inexpensive. Check out our pricing on each course page.

Finally, we are also located in a resort area with so much to do while you are here. You may want to stay an extra day or two and take in the sights.



In 2007 Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy (MAMA) bought the assets of Tidewater School of Navigation and began operations in June 1, of 2007. Capt. Jim Miller was instrumental in the start-up of the MAMA enterprise at that time, along with others. In October of 2008, The Maritime University, (TMU) was formed as the Engineering branch of MAMA. January 2011, both MAMA and TMU became MAMA/TMU LLC as a single entity known to all as Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy or MAMA.