About Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy

Preparing you for a career at sea


MAMA’s vision is to be the premier leader in innovative, comprehensive, creative and state-of-the-art maritime training.


The mission of the Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy (MAMA) is to provide unparalleled expertise and instruction to students pursuing a career in the maritime industry.

We Offer Practical Programs and Customized Courses That:

• Prepare our students with the skills and knowledge for success in today’s maritime industry
• Facilitate entry & advancement in the merchant marine at support, operational & management levels
• Meet or exceed the regulatory & industry demand for training with customized courses and related services
• Provide training for standard & advanced operations and watch-keeping
• Prepare for Coast Guard licensing exams
• Include continuing education programs

We Are Committed To:

• The goals and objectives of our students
• The needs and satisfaction of our students
• Creating a challenging and dynamic work environment for our employees

ABOUT Our Origins:

In 2007 Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy (MAMA) bought the assets of Tidewater School of Navigation and began operations in June 1, of 2007. Capt. Jim Miller was instrumental in the start up of the MAMA enterprise at that time, along with others. In October of 2008, The Maritime University, (TMU) was formed as the Engineering branch of MAMA. January 2011, both MAMA and TMU became MAMA/TMU LLC as a single entity known to all as Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy or MAMA.

ABOUT OUR Deck Technology and Equipment:

Transas Navi-Trainer Professional 5000 Full Mission Bridge simulator interacts with our Transas Full Mission Engine Room simulator and Nav labs with ECDIS ,ARPA, GMDSS and Radar classroom simulators. MAMA’s full-sized gravity davit and 12 man lifeboat installation is located on the waterfront in Cape Charles on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. This equipment is used with our USCG / STCW approved Proficiency in Survival Craft / Lifeboatman course. Students use the equipment to demonstrate launching and recovery procedures, oar commands, rowing the lifeboat and taking command of the lifeboat underway. Advanced Firefighting facilities complete a full service training experience for mariners.

ABOUT OUR Engineering Technology and Equipment:

Working engineering practical applications lab trainers include Fluid Pumps, Hydraulics, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Various Types of Electrical Motors. Students use them to observe the systems operating in a safe environment with “hands on” practical maintenance experience. TRANSAS ERS-5000 Engine Room Simulator provides a full mock up interactive Engine Control Console. Students may operate a full mission engine room as a function of watch standing operations. This simulator can be configured for a variety of ship platforms, from standard tug boats to LNG tanker vessels and from in-port operations to full sea configurations. In a computer classroom, students may operate individual engineering systems through real-world mimic panels. The instructor programs various faults and casualties, and students develop casualty control and emergency solution strategies common to marine engineering systems. MAMA offers a high-voltage safety course.

Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy (MAMA) is a highly respected, state-of-the-art vocational training center established for individuals who seek to enter the exciting maritime profession, as well as mariners seeking to advance their careers. MAMA offers 90+ USCG approved deck courses and engineering courses along with tailored courses. We are dedicated to providing outstanding training to civilian and military mariners from around the globe. Our expert staff of highly regarded, seasoned instructors provide a combination of unequaled teaching techniques with cutting-edge technology such as “hands-on” equipment systems maintenance and interactive simulations.

Just want to thank you and everyone there at Mid Atlantic. I passed my Chief Mates License exam, it went really well. I took all 9 exams in three days and let Richard know that I got a 100 on Stability.