1722 | Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids Refresher


Course Number: 1722
Course Length: 16 hours
Minimum Class Size: 2
Maximum Class Size: 12
Price: $400.00

Please bring picture ID on first day of class

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Any applicant successfully completing the Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids Refresher (MIDATL-496) course will satisfy the training requirements of 46 CFR 13.120; AND 46 CFR 10.227(d)(8)(i)(C) for renewal of an endorsement as Tankerman-PIC (Barge) Dangerous Liquids.

Those individuals successfully completing this course of study will have satisfied the requirements of 46 CFR, Part 13 gaining a greater understanding of the responsibilities associated with being the “Person-In-Charge” and should be able to take immediate responsibility for loading, discharging and care in transit or handling of cargo on tank barges.

Recommended Study Material:
Tanker Operations: A Handbook for the Person-in-Charge (PIC); 4th Edition Mark Huber, based on three earlier editions by Greg Marton 2001. 392 pp. Illustrations. Tables. Index. 6 x 9. Cornell Maritime Press P.O. Box 456 Centreville, MD 21617 800-638-7641 ISBN 0-87033-528-6

Upcoming Course Dates:

Class Start Times:
Day Classes: 8:00 a.m.
Night Classes: 4:00 p.m.

Check-in Time Starts at:
7:00 a.m. for Day Classes
3:00 p.m. for Night Classes

Required Course Tools:
No tools required for this course

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Course Dates

07/13/2017–07/14/2017, 08/10/2017–08/11/2017, 09/14/2017–09/15/2017, 10/05/2017–10/06/2017, 11/16/2017–11/17/2017, 12/07/2017–12/08/2017


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