**Over the past year, I have relied heavily on Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy in order to advance from Second Mate, AGT, Oceans to Chief Mate, AGT, Oceans.  I completed the USCG required courses at MAMA and utilized the self-prep option prior to testing at REC Baltimore.  I was able to pass all nine exams in two days, with high scores in each module.

MAMA instructors are the utmost professionals and will do everything available to ensure their students receive and understand the material presented.  Oftentimes, I would complete a course and take with me study aides or other electronic material that could be drawn upon while studying for future exams.  The Advanced Stability course is an excellent example of this: after completing the course, I had a flash drive filled with useful notes, sample problems, and general stability theory. 

The study preparation options at MAMA are the final step before testing.  Being able to settle down in a quiet environment, with all study materials available was immensely helpful.  Special thanks to Ed Horton, who made my two weeks of prep time worth the cost.  Utilizing practice tests he would give me each morning, I was able to identify weak areas that needed more work, as well as other sections that I was more confident in. **

/Jim Ensz


MAMA is the premier facility for USCG License testing and Recertification! The Administration and Staff are among the most professional and friendly people I have had the occasion to train with.

I have attended other Maritime Training Facilities through my advancement from AB to my present position of First Officer. I can honestly say that the staff at Mid Atlantic were by far, the most helpful and willing, always ready to answer any questions that I had. They made me feel welcomed and instilled in me a sense of confidence that I could attain my goal of Unlimited Chief Mate.

The facility is well equipped and has everything needed for the inquiring Mariner to achieve excellence. The staff was willing to stay after normal hours for those dedicated students to put in the extra time needed. They are extremely accommodating and are there for your success.

All my Instructors were Mariners with their share of salt and seas behind them. Although their experience level dwarfed that of most of the students, they still treated us like family.

If you are sitting for any USCG License examinations, I strongly recommend you e-mail Mr. Edward Horton and set up a follow-on meeting. He personally counseled me on my examination strategy which led to me passing all 9, Chief Mate/Master exams the first time. Ed holds a plethora of information with regards to USCG examinations and he is always ready to share his knowledge with others. Mr. Edward Horton is by far, THE BEST INSTRUCTOR I have had the pleasure of learning from.  

Steven B. Santos



I received the majority of my education for my 3rd Mates license from the Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy and it is one of the best schools I have had the pleasure of attending. All of the staff were amazing and incredibly helpful. The facilities were great and the teachers amazing. Every teacher I had while attending was more than willing to go above and beyond to ensure that each student not only learned what was required for their tests but that they understood all of the material. Every teacher I had while at MAMA was willing to stay late to ensure that I understood all the material. Admissions was just as awesome as the teachers. Admin was able to walk me step by step through any paperwork I had questions about. From their paperwork to paperwork for the coast guard. All of the staff were incredibly knowledgeable about the coast guard regulations and what each and every student needed to succeed. This school was recommended to me by one of my Captains and I know I will continue to recommend it to others who wish to pursue a career in the maritime field. I know I’ll be coming back to MAMA for all of my future classes. 

Jon Scalsky


I would like to thank the staff and instructors at Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy for their excellent service while I was taking my Chief Mate courses. At the top of the list is Edward Horton. He is truly a great asset to Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy. Mr. Horton will go that extra mile to help students even during his own free time. He has a genuine passion to see others succeed. It is very rare to find that in instructors nowadays. Yet all the instructors were great and very knowledgeable in the subjects they were teaching. The facility, course material and equipment was top notch. Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy has truly come a long way from when I took my Third Mate course. I would definitely recommend Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy  to others that are interested in pursuing their Merchant Marine Officers license. I will continue to use Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy for all my maritime training. Again thank you for all the hard work.

USMM Chief Mate
Dale Cramer

FROM: Robert D. Kruse

Thanks to … Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy, my transition from military to civilian life has been smoother than I could have ever imagined. The assistance that I received with scheduling classes, converting my military qualifications into civilian qualifications, and submitting my package to the U.S. Coast Guard for licensing was amazing. From day one you and your staff put together a plan that I understood and never once did you stray from that plan. The whole process was very straight forward and streamlined.

While taking classes at MAMA, I never had one complaint about an instructor. MAMA’s instructors are very knowledgeable and in most cases have DECADES of experience in the Merchant Mariner world. The instructors at MAMA truly did go the extra mile to make sure I understood the subject and they were more than happy to come in early or stay late to assist me with stuff I didn’t understand.

Instructors also helped me by sharing their experiences from the Merchant Fleet which helped me better understand what I wanted to do once licensed.

Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy’s staff took a time that should have been stressful in my life and made it very easy. The dedication that MAMA’s staff has is second to none. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I will most definitely be coming back for more courses as I proceed
through my career.

To whom it may concern,
My name is Ryan Hall, former Quartermaster of the U.S. Navy and recent student of Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy. After I got out of the Navy I wasn’t sure how to translate my experience into a civilian job, and one day while at the movie theater a commercial for Mid-Atlantic came on and gave me the idea to go by the school and check it out and see what they might have to offer.
It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I came in and talked to the military liaison, QM1 Marshall Adams (ret), and right from the start he was very helpful and knowledgeable. After getting all my paperwork out of the way, I was signed up to start taking classes toward my 100  Ton Master and a maritime-based career that I was accustomed to.
The teachers in every aspect were most helpful and answered every question no matter  how obscure. After all my classes were done and I had Credentials in hand, each student was given a list of places to apply and websites to go to for many job opportunities.
The most helpful part was when one of the largest companies came to recruit new hires, the staff at Mid-Atlantic called and told me to come back to the academy for the Hornbeck Offshore recruiting event. There I did an interview with the Fleet Recruiter and was immediately hired.
Long story short, Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy helped me get my dream job.
Thank you very much,
Ryan Hall

Thanks again for the help Ed!! And Carrie!! And to the MAMA Staff!!
Once again your tips on “How to test” made the difference and I passed the Oceans Endorsement for Third Mate Unlimited.
As you probably remember, they added a 147XX Nav General test for the Oceans Endorsement. Lapware was “Overkill” as they stated in their testing program. They had it as a 45 question test. It was actually 20 questions with 80% necessary to pass.
At least 6 were IALA -A questions. Which countries use it. Cardinal Marks - Identification as well as what they can/can’t designate. 2-3 questions on which pubs to use Sailing Directions planning versus enroute, tide tables versus tidal current.
Cel Nav, I had a bit of problem with but by leaving the ones requiring to most time till last, I was able to get through it with only 2 wrong answers. That was probably the single best tip that you gave me in class. Focus on what you know, and work through the ones you dont at the end..
I really appreciate your help and patience coaching me through both this one and the February class to get my Third Mate Oceans ticket. It will prove to be a great addition to the collection of patches on my hero jacket.
You have a very good method of getting these subjects across to us folks that don’t spend much time in school. I trust MAMA sees that and will do what’s necessary ( lots of raises, company car, first class air tickets, etc.) to keep you on board. We poor slobs need you!
I also have to send compliments to the MAMA Staff. Without the flexibility of how the Exam Prep is designed, particularly the ability to come and go as necessary, I would be at this for another year or so trying to fit into schedules. I don’t know why all of the schools don’t do this. It seems natural because of the schedules we all keep.
Anyway, thanks again to you, Carrie, and the MAMA Family for all your help.
All the best - 
Lawrence Williams

Ed and MAMA Staff,
I am writing a review and to be succinct; I wouldn't have passed my exams without your test prep classes and help (at least not the first go-round!).
I had that "when the moon is at perigee what is the current?" question sure enough and rather than taking an hr stumbling towards a solution....THE ANSWER IS: 1 kt!
When time is money the tuition for your "test prep" is unquestionably the way to go and I can't imagine anyone going in to test as a hawespiper being fully prepared. The goal is to be done with the testing and out working as a mate and the work you do ensures that. THANKS!
As for feedback on the Baltimore REC; they are good in spite of the chaos that occurred the week before testing if you remember. "Construction will be going on in the exam room so we'll have you test in a corner" the proctor was relaxed, allowed us to bring cell phones, backpacks, whatever into the exam room. As is known, in the modules other than C nav there's plenty of time. There is no break room for us (I brought snacks) not even coffee. Though there is a Corner Cafe a block away. I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express a few blocks away which was not good. There was a lot of noise and even if I had quiet neighbors, I could hear the tv next door so it wasn't great for studying and getting quality sleep before testing which might be the most important thing.
I got tripped up in the chart plot (Long Island) on a DR question which I had trouble with when I first did the plot so I did the question a 2nd time and hadn't plotted the starting point correctly to begin with. It is one of those questions where each answer is only .1 or .2 mi for each other so on my 2nd plot I should have plotted all the answers and picked the best. I guess I got in a hurry and when I saw one solution was very close to what I had, I thought "that's it!" It was not.
Your technique for analyzing solutions for the 3star fix worked for me. With the running fix advanced for the 1200 position report. LAN was at 11:45 so I calculated that which is quick and advanced the DR 15 min to noon and my resulting latitude was precisely what was given in the answer so I chose it and was right.
Best Regards

I just passed my last Chief Mate exam, stability. I missed one, not sure which one but possibly a mix up on change of trim. The test took less than 1 hour to complete and this time I felt very well prepared, I took a similar stability exam two weeks before and failed. Prior to my second attempt at stability I spent a week in self study at MAMA. There I was provided practice exams and all related materials from Ed and when needed very clear and detailed explanations from Richard, something I wasn't getting from [another source].
Two weeks earlier I took 5 exams, Rules, Deck Gen A/B, Deck Safety and Nav Gen. For this salvo I felt very well prepared, scored over 90% on the first four and an 80 something on Deck Safety. I Was more than ready for each of these five exams, just prior I spent a week in CAP with Ed, this method of study combined with Ed's style of "early is on time" played a key role in my success here. On Tuesday 20 November I took T-Nav. The exam was almost verbatim of the tests I had just taken in Georges class, where we thoroughly knocked the cobwebs off the sailings, thanks to his class I Scored a 100% on T-Nav!
The Chart Plot was straight forward, Block Island, although. I almost tripped up on the first question, visibility of a light. Although vis was over 10 miles I still ended up having to go to the Nominal range graph in Bowditch. Wednesday 21 November I took C- Nav , I had recently taken this class from [Caroline] at MAMA. Her exam and daily class lectures were spot on and I did not see anything that we hadn't just addressed in the C- Nav or T- Nav class.
I studied at MAMA for over 4 months taking Colregs, Adv. ship handling, Adv. Meteorology, Med Pic, Ships Business/law, Stability, Adv. Cargo Handling, Radar Renewal, Flashing Lights, Adv C-Nav, Adv T-Nav and CAP . MAMA's Staff of Professionals from Fred, the first and coolest person all students first encounter to each of your seasoned instructors is a great value. I especially thought the classes in the simulator were excellent, I had an ample amount of time at the "CONN" and through these very real scenario gained insight on my personal decision making process.
I left this program, I think, a better and safer ship handler. I wanted to let your staff know that I truly appreciated both their professionalism and sincerity. I would definitely recommend MAMA to all professional mariners, and I plan on coming back for all my pre-quals as they come due. Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy was a real pleasure to attend.
Thank you all very much
V/R Pete Lenardson Chief Mate USNS Flint

Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy,
I am writing to thank you for the outstanding job that your schoolhouse has done for me in pursuit of my Merchant Mariner Credentials. From your Administrative staff to your instructors you have a first class school. It is due in no small part to your school that I completed my 200 Ton Master, DDE Unlimited Steam and Motor, and 2nd Assistant Engineer courses in 8 months from initial submission to NMC for review of my career.
Your Front office staff to include but definitely not limited to Fred was outstanding. They were always available and helpful. They helped me set up my GI Bill so that my out of pocket expenses were minimized. Their efforts and help were also essential in ensuring that my Package to NMC was accepted and processed with no errors the first time. I also saw them on several occasions help other students with issues that impeded there learning but was not the responsibility of the schoolhouse. This shows a level of commitment by a school that I wish all had.
The teaching staff is first rate. On the deck side I had many instructors and they were all great. Marshall Adams for instance used humor and his actual experiences to aid in student understanding. He was also very effective in differentiation of instruction for students and different learning levels. This enabled me to complete all requirements for my 200T master and various endorsements.
In engineering Bill Muth and his staff of instructors was also top notch. The 4-week DDE Unlimited course I can say is Dead On and was essential in my successfully completing my test requirements not just for DDE unlimited but also 2rd Assistant Engineer. Without this course and the help and guidance of the instructors this would have been nearly impossible. Again we had students at different levels of understanding and Bill took the time to ensure that all of his students were able to comprehend the information with having the other students feel like they were being held up.
It is without reservation that I will highly recommend your schoolhouse to others in pursuit of their Merchant Mariner Credentials. I am sure that I will again attend the school when I am ready to upgrade my licenses.
Thank you,
Mike Waranis MMCS

Just want to thank you and everyone there at Mid Atlantic. I passed my Chief Mates License exam, it went really well. I took all 9 exams in three days and let Richard know that I got a 100 on Stability.
Michael Autuori Jr.

I am writing this to you in regards to all of the schooling I have had from your Norfolk, VA office. I am pleased to tell you I recently finished the 3rd mate CAP class and because of your instructors I passed my tests with flying colors and received my license. I am truly grateful to your school, and especially your instructors. Ed Horton mainly was the instructor I was with the most and he is a fantastic teacher. Honestly I believe he could teach terrestrial and celestial navigation to my 8 year old daughter. I was truly pleased with all the classes and instructors and am looking forward to returning their when I start my chief mate classes. I have been recommending your school to a number of people, and I have been recommending your instructors even more. I truly appreciate the knowledge your school gave to me and the attitude and charisma the instructors had during my time there.
Thank you,
Joshua Glover


“I had attended Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy for many of my required STCW courses and never have I been dissatisfied.  The entire staff from the scheduling personnel to professors are professional, knowledgable, and helpful in every way possible.  

Most recently I came to MAMA for self study for my Chief Mate/Master exams.  The facilities provided me with everything I needed as far as practices exams, publications, charts, diagrams, and various other study materials.  All of the instructors would frequently check on my progress and provide me with any assistance if needed.  I liked that no matter what question I had, there was always someone there to aid me in finding out the solution to my problem.  One individual that provided with the most support was Ed Horton, Head of the Deck Department.  He constantly provided me with all the materials I needed, answered any questions I had, supply positive reinforcement and was always readily available to provide assistance or guide me in the proper direction.    

I would recommend MAMA to anyone looking to complete required STCW courses, assistance in license preparation, or even answering various questions about the maritime industry.”